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6 thoughts on “ Evening Train - Dave Elder - Going My Way

  1. Nov 02,  · On Perkins' cut of On the Evening Train, the great John Hartford played fiddle, dragging out the notes in such a lonesome way, it seemed the fiddle .
  2. I'd just gotten off the evening train and was gingering my way along the snow-covered platform out here in the boonies of the most different country in the world - the nation of sushi, sashimi, ramen, gagaku, minyo, enka and various other food and musical forms - when into my ears from out of my iPod (filled for me by brother Mick, back in Santa Barbara) came the time-tripping voice of country.
  3. A Commute With a View. My favorite view is the evening train ride home from work when the train pulls up in my station. What a wonderful site. I was so enthralled by what I saw, I was in a daze and nearly forgot to get out of my seat to leave the train when we got to Temple. In that moment, SEPTA helped me realize just how beautiful my.
  4. Compared with an airplane in the evening, train travelers save both time and hotel costs and compared to the first morning flight you do not have to pick up at four to a brutal morning plan. New opportunities to Scandinavian sustainable travelers it’s so much more convenient to take a flight than to go by train, not having a chair to.
  5. The train goes through remote places you won't see from the road. The train also has entertainers and hosts per car that know facts about the train and the grand canyon. You're either going to ride the train for two hours or drive an hour and wait and extra hour to get in the park and have to find a parking spot. The train was a no brainer /5().
  6. Singer/songwriter Dave Elder's official website with discography, photos, videos and lyrics. A Piece • Dream Revelations • Drive Me to Distraction • Driving in My Sleep Again • Dusty • End of the Highway • Evening Train • Eye of the Needle • Fire in the Blood • Fishin' • Fly So Free • Follow the Light • For the.

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